Can't remember what a call means? Hear something said during a combat but unsure of how it was supposed to work? Is a certain word or phrase constantly being thrown around and you still just don't "get" what it's all about? This category is for you!

The Verbal Dictionary focuses expressly on providing a comprehensive list of game calls as they are said at game, verbatem. This should allow you to easily reference any call you hear at an Accelerant game and understand what it means, what your reaction should be, and even how to roleplay a reaction if necessary. This INCLUDES a few common game slang or abbreviations that are not "officially" listed in the rules, but are still frequently used and understood by staff/players. Never be confused by a verbal again!

For even more help, you may want to visit the Terminology page for a helpful list of game terms that aren't necessarily spoken, but are still important to know about!


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