A phrase spoken to alert other players that there is a non-game related threat to their safety. From the Accelerant core rules:

"This phrase indicates some condition that may threaten the health of a player. A caution should never last more than 10 seconds. It indicates that those people who are close to or involved in that problem should pause so someone can get clear, get up, or move away from a threat. Only those people nearby need pause until the problem resolves. Everyone involved in a caution is still responsible to the game, and should still be cautious of in game threats. They may move away from the Caution or pause until the person has dealt with the problem."

Some types of situations that may prompt this phrase to be used:

  • Pausing to make sure a misplaced hit or unexpected fall did not result in serious injury
  • Unsafe terrain or obstructions (e.g. sharp objects, excessively steep hills)
  • Sudden changes in terrain (e.g. broken flooring, player backing towards unsafe terrain unawares)
  • Natural threats (poison ivy, known allergens, wildlife)

In the event that there is serious injury or harm, players should review the guidelines concerning the phrase Emergency