A game mechanic to allow different types of attack effects to be combined into a single attack, even though they are not the same. This is different than a Double or Triple attack, as those multiply the same effect. From the Accelerant core rules:

"Two effects can be chained in one attack. The Verbal should name the effects with an "and" between them. If both effects have the same Trailt then the trait is called only at the end of the attack. If both effects have different traits then a trait is called for each effect. A defense that negates one of the effects or one of the traits if they are different would only affect that portion of the attack. In the case where both effects have the same trait, however, a defense that negated the appropriate trait would negate all effects. The attack is still considered a single Melee, Missile, or Packet attack so a defense that negates a hit from a specific delivery such as melee, missile, or packet will negate the entire attack."

"For example, a spider calls out "Drain and Slow by Poison" and hits a player with a packet. The defense "Resist Poison" would negate the entire attack. The defense "Resist Slow" would negate the Slow effect, but the character would still be affected by the Drain effect. If the character had both "Resist Slow" and "Resist Drain" defenses then both could be used to negate the effects of the attack."

"For example, a wraith calls out "Paralyze by Fear and 2 Damage" and hits the player with a melee attack. The defense "Resist Fear" would negate the Paralyze effect. The defense "Resist Weapon" would negate the Damage effect. A skill that negates one melee strike would negate the entire attack."