A phrase to indicate that an attack or action was not properly understood and should be repeated. Secondarily, a method to ask about game terminology without completely breaking character. From the Accelerant core rules:

"This phrase works like Caution, but it indicates that someone needs a quick explanation of what happened. People directly involved pause for up to three seconds while someone repeats a verbal or quickly indicates a condition or result of something. This should be used infrequently, if ever. It is present for new players who may be overwhelmed and confused during their first game or two."

Predominantly this phrase occurs when PCs or NPCs could not clearly hear or understand a phrase critical to combat, such as the type of damage an attack dealt or how much damage.

Secondarily, brand new players sometimes use this phrase when extensive role play discussion still fails to explain how to properly react to game terminology that they didn't understand. This is particularly true in the rare situations where they don't understand an effect, but no characters are in a position to explain through normal roleplay (e.g. they're unconscious, dead, or otherwise unable to speak).

The phrase is sometimes misspoken (particularly by new players) as "Clarify?" This is likely due to it sounding similar to another game phrase known as "Let Me Clarify."