Combat in Accelerant games is represented through the use of Boffer props and participants stating effects aloud. Furthermore, a "lightest touch" is used during combat: attack swings are roleplayed fully (such as doing the full range of motion a person would make to swing a long sword), but no attempt is made to put real strength behind the blow so that the target only receives a mere touch contact by the weapon. Even the lightest physical contact with an opponent's weapon counts as a successful hit. Players are discouraged from hitting opponents too hard with their weapon props. There are also some areas of the body that are invalid areas to attack (e.g. the neck, head, groin, and hands).

Rulesbook EntryEdit

During the course of the game, you can be the subject of a wide variety of attacks. Each attack will attempt to inflict an effect upon you. Some effects can benefit you, and some will deliver unpleasant effects upon you. Each attack has a verbal that describes what the attack does and a delivery that determines how the attack is used against the target.

Specific Combat TopicsEdit