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The mechanic by which a character perishes in game. The game rules are very generous concerning character deaths, though it is ultimately possible for a player's character to permanently die. There are several stages a character must progress through before ultimately succumbing to a permanent death.


Becoming DeadEdit

There are a few different flows through gameplay that a player may find themselves categorized as being dead:

  • Traditional Combat
    1. Character loses all Vitality
    2. Character becomes Unconscious
    3. Character is Unstable
    4. Unconscious unstable character fails to receive healing before 60 seconds have passed
  • Environmental Hazards
    1. Character falls victim to a serious environmental hazard that renders them instantly dead
  • Death Attacks
    1. Character is struck by an in-game ability that renders them instantly dead.

What Happens When You DieEdit

Once a character is dead, they stay where they are counting silently to themselves for 5 minutes. During this time, other players can attempt to use game abilities to bring the person back to life.

If no one is able to use a game ability or effect to bring the character back to life, the player then becomes a "Spirit". They proceed towards a designated Death Area, and can't interact with others unless the other players have the ability to talk to spirits, or have an ability to restore the player back to life.


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Core RulesEdit


There are four ways you can die in this game. First, you can be knocked unconscious and Unstable and remain that way for a full minute. This is referred to as "Bleeding Out". Second, you can be killed if someone delivers a successful death strike to your torso. Third, You will be killed by an attack with a Death effect that you cannot negate. Finally, special areas might cause your death if you have a mishap.

Spirits of the DeadEdit

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Final DeathEdit

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