A type of Attack Effect that can render you Unconscious immediately, drops your Vitality instantly, and starts your Five Minute Count. Unless you have a way to block or mitigate the attack, you are dead and are at risk of becoming a Spirit headed for the Death Area five minutes from when you were struck dead. There are other rules regarding what effects or traits may end as a result of being hit with this effect. From the Accelerant core rules:

"An attack with this effect kills you. You fall down dead, as if you had been struck with a Death Strike. All temporary effects upon you end when you are killed except for Imbue and Inflict effects that are not specifically removed by Death. Death lasts for 5 minutes, after which you will rise as a Spirit and travel to the Death Area. This process is described in greater detail in the Spirits of the Dead section."

"Cure Death and certain special abilities can affect you while you are dead. Some strengthen your spirit so it is not weakened by the presence of Death. Some might even restore you to life. Others might cause unpleasant effects. All of these will be handled using an Imbue or Inflict effect. In these cases you will be given an effect card that explains the results of the Imbue or Inflict effect."

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