A phrase to indicate that there is a medical and/or life-threatening situation. From the Accelerant core rules:

"This phrase should come up rarely. This means that there is some medical emergency that needs attention. The game play stops, and everyone who hears the emergency should drop to a knee to indicate that a real problem exists. Emergency should only be called is there is a real problem and someone could be hurt."

This term servers three purposes:

  • Alerting the game staff that there is a serious - possibly life threatening - situation happening
  • Alerting other near-by players to immediately stop what they're doing so as not to be harmed or perpetuate the problem by accident
  • Keeping unaffected players out from under foot. Often players want to help their fellow players, but too many "helpful" persons crowding the scene can panic the affected person, as well as delay/prevent medical professionals from accessing them.

Players should not throw this phrase around lightly. For situations that are problematic but do not require medical attention, players should review use of the phrase "Caution"