A phrase spoken by NPCs and Staff only, used to help players understand the mechanics of an encounter in clear language. From the Accelerant core rules:

"This phrase, which can only be used by plot approved non-player characters, indicates that any encounter information that follows should be considered true. There are times when your character may not trust another character. This phrase indicates that the information that the character, trustworthy or not, will impart is important and true information about how some specific encounter works. This phrase cannot be used unless the player has plot approval for that specific encounter, and the information imparted must be a clarification of some specific game effect or encounter."

This phrase should never be spoken by PCs, nor by NPCs who are not responsible for explaining encounter mechanics to the PCs.

This phrase will often be spoken when there is a condition that is important, such as an effect happening if a player does a certain action. It allows them to draw attention to that condition so that it is not mistaken as mere flavor text or colorful roleplaying (e.g. "Don't touch that or you'll die instantly!").