A type of Special Attack. From the Accelerant core rules book:

"Someone calls out "By Your Name," states your name, part of your name, or some pseudonym that you have used and calls out a Verbal. The attack is delivered to you if you recognize that name as a name you have used or a name that person might use to refer to you. Basically if you know they are talking about you then you take the effect."

It is also possible to receive beneficial effects if your name is included in a "By Your Name" Verbal, the most common being healing or curative effects.

When calling upon someone by their name, you may call them by any name that they respond to. You do not need to call out their formal long name, their full name with surname, nor anything other than something that they answer to. Note that once a player has acknowledged and responded to the name you call them by, it is possible for any other NPC or enemy to also refer to them by that name too.