A Verbal that prevents you from receiving helpful effects (with some exceptions as noted in the core rules below). From the Accelerant core rules:

"You are unaffected by any beneficial effect unless it removes the Stricken effect from you. Call "No Effect" to any other beneficial effect used on you."

"There is one exception; if someone uses First Aid on you then the Stabilize effect will work. Only a "Cure Stricken" effect or a Cure effect applied to the trait of this attack will remove this effect. An effect that removes the Stricken effect from you will not remove other effects. Stricken does not work on items you carry or wear and items may be affected by Repair or Imbue effects. The Stricken effect will last until you rest for five minutes."

"For example, if you have a Stricken by Poison and a Paralyze by Poison effect upon you, a Cure Poison effect will remove the Stricken effect but it won't also remove the Cure Paralyze effect. A second Cure Poison would be needed to remove the Paralyze by Poison effect."

This effect keeps you from receiving healing, repairs, and other useful effects. It does not, however, prevent you from using your offensive abilities, nor does it prevent you from using your equipment or weapons.