Traits are a type of in game classification of various properties or effects during game play. They can be associated with spells, objects, combat actions, or even character properties. Traits are most often encountered during Verbals, where it is important for characters and NPCs to have a standardized way of communicating/knowing:

  • What something or someone is
  • What is happening
  • What counteracts something

Traits can be temporary or permanent, and can even be acquired - or removed - during game play. For a specific list of traits, see the Traits Category.

The following passages contain transcripts from the Accelerant core rules book regarding traits:


A trait is a label that is given to a character, an attack, a defense, or an item. Traits help describe the flavor of game effects and define how abilities interact with each other.


There are four types of traits:

  • Character Traits
  • Attack Traits
  • Defense Traits
  • Item Traits


A character trait is any trait that is somehow given to a character. A character trait can be used to determine if certain effects worked against you.


An attack trait is added to an attack verbal and defines the flavor of that attack. An attack trait tells you which defenses can be used against that attack.


A defense trait is added to a defense call.


An item trait is added to a tagged item and gives that trait to anyone carrying that item. An item trait can be used to determine if certain effects worked against you.

Examples & ApplicationEdit

If you had the “Undead” trait, for example, then an attack that caused "5 Damage to Undead" would be effective against you. A defense trait is generally used for flavor, but it is possible to have skills or abilities that can be used only if a defense with an appropriate trait is used.

A character's race is always considered a trait. Characters with no explicit race have the Human trait. If you have a sub-race then both your subrace and your general race will be considered to be traits. So a Wood Elf has the Elf trait as well as the Wood Elf trait.